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Gas Log Fireplace Services in South Jersey

Add Value to Your Home with this Reliable Heating System

Installing a gas log fireplace is a great way to add instant value and charm to your home. These efficient units are safer than traditional fireplaces and offer many unique benefits and advantages.

Homeowners throughout South Jersey can easily enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a gas log fireplace when they call Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air & Propane. With over 30 years of industry experience and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, homeowners know they are getting high-quality value-adding service at a great price.

We also provide gas log fireplace repairs in South Jersey for customers with existing units. Call us now to schedule a service. Enjoy extra money off on your next call with our latest service coupons and online deals.

Common Gas Log Fireplace Repair Issues

Owning a gas log fireplace promotes relaxation. However, homeowners must consider some of the common maintenance and repair services involved with having one in the home.

Some of the most common issues with these units include:

  • Flickering or fading pilot lights that require repair
  • Yellow flames indicating excess carbon monoxide
  • Buildup of soot and white residue on the glass
  • Spark issues that require repair
  • Broken fans
  • Flames that come off the burner

These issues require help from a trained professional. We recommend investing in regular gas log fireplace service and maintenance to prevent problems and keep the unit working efficiently. With an annual inspection, we will check all the components and clean the glass, preventing unexpected repairs and making sure the unit is safe to use.

What Are the Benefits of a Gas Log Fireplace?

Installing a gas log fireplace is a great way to add value to your home and create a cozy space the whole family will enjoy. Are you toying with the idea of a gas log fireplace installation in your home?

Before making a final decision, take a look at some of the incredible benefits of using a gas log fireplace:

  • Easy to use– Gas log fireplaces are often controlled by a remote or via a panel in the front of the system. You don’t need to chop wood or worry about getting sparks or soot in the house.
  • Advanced technology– Many gas log fireplaces are able to be used without transmitting too much heat, which means you can enjoy the relaxing ambiance in the summer, too.
  • Set the mood– With its flickering warm light, a gas log fireplace creates a cozy ambiance, perfect for entertaining guests or settling down in the evening.

For more information on our gas log fireplace installation and repair services in South Jersey, fill out our online contact form. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will be happy to help you choose the perfect unit for your home.

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