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3 Winter Preparedness Tips to Save Your Home From Common Seasonal Issues

Winter is on its way! By preparing in the weeks to come, you can ensure that your Gloucester County, NJ home is safe and secure when the winter arrives. Taking the time to take stock of your home maintenance needs can help protect your family and ensure you enjoy a safe and happy winter season.

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Prepping Your Propane Tank For The Fall Season

Crisp leaves, cool weather, and pumpkin picking season: these are all signs that fall is here. The beginning of autumn is the perfect time to prep your propane tank for cooler temperatures. And if you live in New Jersey or Delaware, you know precisely why! Temperatures can go from blistering heat to sub-zero in a

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Signs Your Pipes Are Frozen

Frozen plumbing fixtures are never fun! If you’ve ever had to experience it, you know the stress it brings. Whether the pipes are in the house or the garage, they can freeze if the weather gets cold enough. And that’s not all — repeated freezing and melting can damage the pipes, causing them to leak,

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Home Winter Preparation Tips

Ways to Winterize Your Home The often harsh weather of winter can take a toll on your home both inside and out. At Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Propane, we understand that you want to keep your home warm and cozy on the inside while protecting the outside from winter weather damage. That’s why we

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Are Heating Costs Affecting Your Holiday Budget?

It’s that time of the year again — time to make a list and check it twice. And for those of us in New Jersey, it’s probably time to crank up the furnace. As temperatures drop and holiday to-buy lists pile up, many of us are searching for ways to cut costs this season. Check

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