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Do you need a quality air conditioning service? Are you looking to install, repair, or service a unit in your home? Then you should contact your local experts at Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical!

Delaware has pretty moderate weather year-round, but it can reach extremes during the winter and summer seasons every once in a while. If you plan on keeping your home at the right temperature, you need the best air conditioning service for your new or current unit.

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Delaware Cooling Services

Our technicians are highly skilled and able to work with most cooling systems, including:

Traditional air conditioning systems
Ductless mini-split systems
Smart thermostats

  • iconTraditional air conditioning systems
  • iconDuctless mini-split systems
  • iconSmart thermostats

Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electrical will have one of our experts come to your home to assess which cooling system you have and which repairs it may need. They will discuss your options and anything you need to know upon assessment so you can remain relaxed and informed.

Delaware Air Conditioning Services

You can count on Harris to provide you with quick and efficient service. We are committed to giving you quality service for all your AC needs. Our experts are committed to keeping your home as comfortable as possible. From unit installation to repairs, we are upfront about your unit’s needs.

Delaware Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioning system is as important as maintenance in your home. You make sure that it’s running properly and that the unit isn’t causing other issues in your house. And you certainly don’t want to find that your AC won’t turn on suddenly.

Emergency Repairs

You might not notice there’s something wrong until it’s too late. Unless you’re keeping an eye on your air conditioner and how it’s working. Even if your home’s temperature is to your liking, you can be exposing yourself to hazards in your home.

Don’t wait until you experience health problems or see electrical issues to schedule an AC inspection. Emergency repairs are often more costly and unexpected than the routine servicing that keeps these issues at bay.

High Power Bills

If your air conditioning system isn’t running right it will use up more power. This brings up your electrical bill. Aside from higher bills to pay, a malfunctioning system is also unreliable. And although Delaware is pretty moderate year-round, you don’t want your air conditioning system to fail when you need it.

Mold Growth

Air conditioners need moisture to cool your home effectively and generate cold air. If your system isn’t cleaned, that moisture will gather at the bottom of the unit and create mold. This then leads to serious health problems, which can be costly for you, your family, and your system.

You can keep all these issues and more at bay by having a regular maintenance schedule for your system. Harris technicians can spot a problem before it grows out of hand and help you fix it before the repairs become too costly.

Delaware Air Conditioning Repair

In the worst-case scenario that your air conditioner needs repairing, our experts are more than ready to help. You might notice that your energy bills have dramatically increased. Or your AC unit is making strange noises or blowing warm air. If so, your unit might be having problems. In Delaware especially, AC units are more likely to create puddles of water that can lead to mold.

Whatever the issue is, our repair technicians will find the problem. And find the perfect solution for you.

Delaware Air Conditioning Installation

Of course, you need an air conditioning system to need services, and we can help from that first step. Our technicians at Harris can help you find the right unit for you and your home.

Pre-Installation Evaluation

Pre-installation evaluations are an important first step in installing a new AC unit. We need to understand how much energy you use. And how warm your house gets to find the perfect size for a new air conditioner. If you don’t install the right-sized unit for your home, you’re more likely to run into installation issues. We want to remove the hassle for you, not create it!

Aside from knowing the perfect size for your home, we also need to inspect your home’s ductwork. If your house is newer, this shouldn’t be much of an issue. If your house is older, it might not be up to accommodate a new air conditioning system. In this case, your home will need to make some upgrades for the unit to work properly and avoid high energy bills.

If you already have an AC unit installed in your home, we can let you know if you need to replace it. Our technicians can tell you if your current unit is the wrong size for your home. Even if it’s the wrong type of unit, or not functioning properly. Whatever the issue is, we find the best and most affordable solution for you and your needs. We discuss everything with you first recommending service.

Trust Harris with All Your Delaware AC Services

You can trust your local technicians at Harris to handle all your air conditioning needs. We make sure to be upfront with you about your system’s needs. And work to find an affordable and satisfying solution. So contact us at Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical. Let’s work together to find the right solution for your home’s cooling needs.

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