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When it’s time to take care of your boiler, there isn’t a better choice than the Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric. With a comprehensive set of boiler services paired alongside top-notch, five-star service on every job, you’ll only receive the best with our team. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Read what previous customers have said about their service experiences.

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Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric is Proudly & Professionally Offering Heat Pump Services in NJ, DE & PA.

Boiler Installation

The installation process can be stressful if you don’t have a trusted expert to guide you. With our boiler installation process, you’ll receive more than just a boiler. Our team will inspect your home, assess your boiler needs, and help you choose the best system for your home.

After the full-home inspection, our technicians will inform you of the differences between each heating unit and discuss if a boiler is the correct choice for your home’s heating needs. We’ll select the right location and boiler type, then get to work on flawlessly installing your new boiler.

Call 856-485-7215 to schedule boiler installation in NJ, PA, or DE with Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric.

Types of Boilers

In New Jersey, we see three types of boilers that we work on. These three systems consist of the following:

  • Traditional boilers: As the name suggests, the traditional boiler has a tank that holds water to heat your home. While it is the most reliable option, this unit is the largest and the least energy-efficient of the three.
  • Combination boilers: The smallest of the three options, combination boilers help you save money on boiler costs for your home.
  • System boilers: For larger homes, system boilers are great as they can hold a large volume of water while maintaining a high energy efficiency level.

Explore boiler options in NJ, PA, or DE by calling 856-485-7215 and scheduling an appointment with Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric today.

Boiler Repair

Harris knows that dealing with boiler repairs can be frustrating, confusing, and annoying. That’s why we are here to take that headache away by answering these questions:

  • What is wrong with your boiler?
  • How can it be fixed?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take?

Staying on top of repairs is crucial to extending the life of your boiler. Harris wants to help you improve your boiler’s longevity and working power, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Boiler Maintenance

An annual boiler maintenance service appointment is the key to getting the most out of your boiler system. We know how cold the Delaware winters can get, so we know how important it is to ensure your boiler system is up to par. While a professional maintenance appointment is suggested at least once a year, there are some things you can do to help yourself. You should:

  • Listen for odd noises from your system
  • Inspect your system regularly
  • Be familiar with your owner’s guide
  • Monitor for any leaks
  • Ensure your boiler has a clean pathway

To schedule boiler maintenance in NJ, PA, or DE, call Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric at 856-485-7215.

Why Choose Us?

With 30+ years of experience in home services, our team has the knowledge and expertise needed to help your home. Our technicians are always expanding their training to guarantee that we give you quality service and fast response times with any job. Additionally, we offer upfront pricing and financing options for every job.

Call 856-485-7215 to schedule boiler services with Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric in NJ, PA, or DE.

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No matter what questions you have about your boiler options, our technicians will be happy to help you decide which boiler makes the most sense in your home. We will also provide a price estimate to assist you as you consider costs.


A leaking boiler will likely tie back to an issue with your seal or a valve. A technician can pinpoint the issue upon inspection, but the issue will most likely come back to a damaged seal or valve.

Making the switch from a gas boiler to an electric boiler can be done. It takes additional work compared to standard replacement, requiring a professional to disconnect the system from your gas main.

Call Harris to Handle All Your Boiler Repair Needs

Our boiler services are no exception. When working on your boiler, our licensed professionals will work with you to ensure your boiler is in top-notch shape upon leaving your home. Some services hike their prices or intentionally confuse their customers. Harris promises never to do that. That’s one of the many reasons why Harris is New Jersey, Delaware & Pennsylvania’s premier provider of boiler services.

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