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From installing a new washing machine to updating outdated wiring throughout your home, trusting a professional electrical contractor with any wiring projects you have in mind is important. These projects are complex, and there are many codes to follow to ensure your safety.

When you need whole-home or appliance rewiring services, turn to Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric. We’re a top-rated electrical company serving homeowners in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. With over 30 years of experience, we have the skills and knowledge to rewire your home correctly and efficiently.

Whole-Home Rewiring

Sometimes, the solution to minor electrical problems is a simple repair or panel upgrade. But rewiring might be the best answer if you’re experiencing persistent problems that occur repeatedly. Still, rewiring can be complicated and invasive, and it’s important to be prepared.

Our electricians might recommend whole-home rewiring if you’re dealing with one or more of the following issues:

  • Blown fuses
  • Sparking or discolored outlets
  • Burning odors
  • Tripping breakers

Rewiring is also recommended if your home is over 40-50 years old because older homes often have outdated knob and tube wiring that can’t handle the output or safety demands of modern technology.

The home rewiring process involves securing the right permits and choosing the right electrical contractors that are up to date on building codes. During the rewiring, your home might feel like a construction zone. But when it’s over, you’ll have a newly wired home without the constant inconvenience of electrical problems.

At Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric, our electrical contractors will handle every step of this process so that you can have peace of mind. Our team members are always polite and respectful of your space, and we’ll be honest and upfront with you so you know what to expect.

Call 856-485-7215 or contact us online today to schedule home rewiring in Delaware, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey.

Electrical Wiring Installation

Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric specializes in electric wiring installation, catering to various needs, including renovations and new constructions. Whether you’re upgrading your home, building from scratch, or rearranging your space, our expert electricians ensure safe, efficient, and compliant wiring. Our services are essential for modernizing your electrical systems during renovations, implementing cutting-edge electrical infrastructure in new constructions, and adapting wiring to suit your evolving space requirements. Trust us for reliable, top-quality electrical installation that meets your specific needs.

Appliance Wiring

Adding a new appliance to your home isn’t as simple as plugging it into an outlet. These large pieces of equipment need to be professionally installed to ensure safe operation and prevent serious electrical issues.

Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric can install the wiring needed for any appliance you’re adding to your home, including:

  • Hot tubs
  • Washers and dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Ovens
  • And more

Whether you’re remodeling your home or upgrading an old appliance, trust us with all your appliance wiring needs.

Why Choose Us?

Make Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric your go-to company for home rewiring services in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. We use top-notch tools and tested techniques to rewire your home quickly and correctly.

Since 1986, we’ve been trusted for our unbeatable service, satisfaction guarantees, and honest, upfront pricing. For professional wiring services done right, choose the Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric team. We even offer convenient same-day appointments, so we’ll be there right away to discuss the best solution to your electrical problems.

Call 856-485-7215 or contact us online now if you need wiring services in Delaware, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania.


The three types of wiring used in residential and commercial buildings each serve unique purposes. Conduit wiring has wires protected by tubes or pipes. It offers durability and protection against external damage and can be surface-mounted or concealed.

Cleat wiring, a temporary system with PVC insulated wires run over wooden or plastic cleats, is easy to install and cost-effective but unsuitable for permanent installation due to safety and durability concerns. Casing and capping wiring, involving wires laid in wooden casings and covered with a cap strip, strikes a balance between aesthetics and safety.

Wire colors in electrical circuits indicate their purpose, with standard colors being black for the hot wire, white for the neutral wire, and green for the ground wire. Other colors like red, orange, brown, and yellow signify hot wires in various circuits, with blue, pink, and violet used as traveler wires in multi-way switch circuits. However, wire colors vary by country or region, so consulting a qualified electrician for accurate identification is advisable.

Call Harris To Handle All Your Electrical Repair Needs

If any sort of electrical repairs are called for on a home, call Harris to address them before they cause severe damage or harm properly. To maximize energy efficiency, save money, and stay safe, homeowners should handle electrical repair as soon as possible and in the safest way. Harris has every homeowner covered with quality and honest pricing. Don’t forget to call us if there is anything off with the electrical. With electricity, especially, it’s better safe than sorry with everything.

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