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New Jersey is the tenth oldest state in the USA. Perhaps you’re wondering, what does that have to do with Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric? Everything.

Harris has been in the business of serving New Jersey customers (and customers across Delaware and Pennsylvania) for decades! This experience gives us an advantage when servicing aging sewer lines, beautiful historic homes, and communities. New Jersey is also the most densely populated state. Add that to aging infrastructure, and you have sewer line repair and installation problems.

Sewer Line Installation Services

Sewer line installation includes upfront pricing, which means no hidden costs for our customers. Harris also understands that each home has a unique situation. We strive to fit our customer’s needs in repair and installation recommendations.

  • iconSewer Line Repair

    No one wants to spend money on unsightly sewer line repairs. Everyone takes the sewer system for granted when it works. We lament not acting sooner when it breaks down and causes massive damage to homes.

    If you notice a really bad smell, water is not draining properly, or your lawn is growing faster than normal, you are most likely facing a sewer line problem. Harris’ technicians will use leading industry technology to analyze the issue, and if we only find a minor crack, we will proceed to repair it – there’s no need to replace the pipe

  • iconSewer Line Installation

    Sewer line installations are either part of a replacement service or new construction plans.

    We may suggest the installation of a new sewer line when we’re dealing with severe or multiple cracks. Repairing an antiquated system is sometimes a band-aid solution. Replacing the line once the first problem arises may save homeowners the hassle and additional cost a short time later.
    You don’t have to worry about legal requirements because Harris understands local permit regulations. We offer our customers a service satisfaction guarantee because we’re confident we’ll get sewer line installation right.
    Older homes sometimes need complete replacement lines. Costly and complicated excavations factor into the cost when challenging terrain impedes the sewage line network. We offer financing options to ensure your repairs or replacement are taken care of and don’t cause more damage to your property and home.

Frequently asked questions

New Jersey is aging. Many of the sewage pipelines crisscross the state. This underground network undergoes constant wear and tear and surrounding construction. Old sewer lines are aging too and need replacements before real damage occurs to the home and homeowners.

While we don’t think of sewer lines suffering from wear and tear, we work hard transporting our waste material from our homes to the city sewage system.

Our sewage line expert installers will assess the situation. Our skill allows them to suggest alternatives and remain honest when the brutal truth is difficult to share with customers. Harris’ team is confident that the truth is better than sugar coating the facts.

Each situation is unique. Many variables affect the cost of a new sewer line installation. While replacing a home sewer line is costly, New Jersey is investing one billion dollars in upgrading and repairing its ancient water and sewage lines.

To appease your curiosity and provide you with a ballpark figure, consider that American national averages are between $50-and $125 per foot. Standard ballpark figures to complete a sewer line installation hover between $3000 – $25,000. Circumstances fluctuate widely.

Elements that influence costs:

  • Distance from house to city sewer line connection
  • Tree root invasion and possible tree removal
  • Excavation work required
  • Cost of existing damage that has already taken place

It’s difficult to attach a fixed cost until Harris can quote the project. We provide our customers with the necessary permit information to begin the project. We’ll give comprehensive details on replacements and cost averages for New Jersey.

Why Choosing a Harris Sewer Line Service Matters

Harris cares about its community. Our team works and lives in this community, too. Sewer line replacements and repairs are seldom avoidable, but our expert team can take the burden off their customers. Contact us today.

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