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Harris is the most trusted heating services provider in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. We employ the best experts in the HVAC industry, so our customers feel confident knowing their heating systems are in the best hands.

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Heating Services in New Jersey, Delaware & Pennsylvania

Our winters are brutal, and that’s why a properly functioning heating system is a must. Fortunately, Harris offers a full complement of heating services to meet heating system requirements.

Harris will take care of furnace or boiler system repairs, assist customers with proper maintenance, and install a new system when it’s time to retire the existing one. So, whether customers need a complete install or a quick tune-up, Harris has what you’re looking for.

  • iconHeating Installation

    Installing a new heating system is a big job. It’s often necessary to keep a home comfortable. A new system can help decrease energy bills and provide years of efficient heating. Not to mention fewer hassles for the homeowner.

    The three types of heating systems Harris works with are:

    Each option has its pros and cons, so consumers typically rely on an expert to help choose the best system.

    Harris’ team of expert technicians is ready to analyze current systems and help customers decide whether a replacement is necessary and, if so, what the best choice would be. Harris walks customers through the options to help ensure they’re getting the most efficient model for their homes.

    Harris provides upfront pricing, so there’ll be no surprises in the end. For those considering a new system, call Harris for a free proposal today.

  • iconHeating Maintenance

    Has the heating bill seemed a bit high lately? If so, it might be due to a lack of maintenance. Like a car, home heating systems need regular maintenance to maximize their lifespan. Proper maintenance includes keeping the filters clean, ensuring that the thermostat is working, and cleaning and lubricating all moving parts.

    But why is a tune-up so important? Aside from maximizing the heating system’s efficiency, a tune-up will help avoid costly repair bills. In many cases, homeowners can avoid significant repairs with proper maintenance. It’ll also alert homeowners to potential problems that could lead to a complete system failure.

    When a Harris technician goes out to a home for a heating system tune-up, customers can expect all that and more. Harris services all brands and models with skilled professionalism. A standard tune-up from Harris will cover the following:

    • Inspection of filter, ducts, and the heating unit
    • Cleaning of all components
    • Safety inspection for any electric components

    A functioning heating system should maintain the temperature in a home without leaving homeowners with a shocking energy bill each month. Maintaining the system is the best way to ensure that it’s performing effectively.

  • iconHeating Repair

    Heating repairs come in all forms. Perhaps the boiler isn’t putting out water, or the blower on the furnace is stuck in place. Or maybe the system is on the verge of failing altogether. Whatever the reason, customers can call Harris, and a technician will come to take care of it.

    Heating repair also goes hand-in-hand with heating maintenance. When both these things get done, they can help keep a system running efficiently for years. However, if one or the other gets skipped, homeowners could risk a system failure, which will lead to a hefty replacement bill.

    Harris’s 30+ years in the industry have resulted in the expertise to diagnose and correct problems efficiently. If an energy bill has shown a dramatic increase in recent months or a system is on the fritz, Harris will help homeowners get to the root of the problem.

    Harris offers same-day services to get systems back up and running with minimal downtime.

    Harris will also spend as much time on-site to ensure that customers understand the problem and the proposed plan to address it. The best part? When Harris comes out for a diagnostic service, there will be a waived fee if the diagnostic service results in a business relationship. Not to mention, Harris backs all work with a Peace of Mind Guarantee.

Need Heating Services? You Need Harris

Harris offers the most comprehensive selection of heating services in New Jersey, Delaware & Pennsylvania. Customers can expect expertise and professionalism when calling Harris for the installation, repair, and maintenance of systems, without having to worry about how they’ll keep their homes comfortable.

For homeowners wondering whether their system needs a check-up, give us a call today.


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