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$93 or free drain clearing

Disclaimer: Valid on main sewer drain only. Must have reasonable access to a clean-out. Up to 100 feet. One-time use of $93 or free per household. Must have free camera inspection for guarantee. Not valid on commercial or construction projects. Must be owner-occupied. Normal business hours.

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If you’re having plumbing trouble, you might not know the root cause. Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric is the most trusted rooter services provider in NJ, PA, and DE. Our technicians have decades of experience across them. One call guarantees our team will solve your plumbing problems.

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What Is Rooter Service?

Rooter service refers to problems with tree roots invading your home plumbing or nearby sewer lines.

Plumbing and sewer lines run underground, so tree roots can grow into the pipes as they expand. Rooter services send a tool down into these pipes and lines to clear out the roots.

Other plumbing issues can require rooter service. Read on to discover what problems you might experience and how Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric can help.

Our Rooter Services in NJ, DE & PA

You might need rooter services if you notice one or more of these problems.

  • iconClogged Drain Cleaning

    A clog in your drain can damage the nearest appliance. For example, a clog near your washing machine could cause the water to back up and ruin the machine. The clog might be something you think you can eliminate with a snake or chemicals, but a technician from Harris will determine the location of the clog and remove it carefully.

  • iconSlow-Draining Sink Repair

    If your sinks drain slowly, you might realize you have a problem but think it’s something you can put off. Know that these issues don’t go away on their own. Your sink might slowly drain because there’s a clog, soap scum build-up, or other obstructions.

  • iconNo Water Repair

    The opposite of watching water drain slowly is not having water flow from the pipes. If it’s not a problem associated with your water company, this could signify that you have major plumbing troubles. Rooter service technicians can help determine if your pipes are clogged, leaking, or frozen.

  • iconLow Water Pressure Fixes

    Your water loses pressure if there’s a leak in the system. Instead of the water pushing through as powerfully as it normally does, it will be much weaker because you’re losing water along the way. The lack of pressure might only seem like a minor irritation, but it can damage your home’s interior and foundation if left untreated.

  • iconSewer Debris Clearing

    You can’t control what’s outside in nature and getting into your pipes. Tree roots can grow into the pipes, but leaves falling into the sewer system can get into your plumbing system. Rooter service can clean away this debris before it escalates into a bigger problem.

  • iconSewer Clog Removal

    While a clog in an interior drain can damage an appliance, a sewer clog causes even more problems. Sewer clogs can cause drainage issues across your property. Running the sinks, bathtub, or washing machine can make the pipes flood, ruining your home’s interior and possibly your yard.

Ready to schedule rooter services in your NJ, DE, or PA home? Give us a call now at 856-485-7215 to schedule cleaning & repairs today! We proudly service Salem, Woodbury, Wilmington, Media, and all surrounding areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

It might seem simple to buy a plumbing snake and take care of the issues listed above on your own. You need to consider the potential problems that could result. Many clogs aren’t in the center of the drain, so a snake bought at a retail store would miss it entirely.

If you try to use the snake, you might end up doing more harm than good. In some cases, weak retail snakes can break off and create more clogs in the pipes. You might also simply move tree roots around and make the cracks bigger instead of eliminating the roots seamlessly.

Using chemicals isn’t the preferred treatment method because they can cause pipes to erode. Think of your family before using these chemicals, too.

You’re pouring chemicals into the drains near where you prepare meals and baths for your children. It’s better to keep those products out of the home to prevent damage to your plumbing and your family members.

When you call Harris for rooter services, we’ll come to your home with our signature drain snake to clear the pipes. This tool lets us see how severe your root problem may be. In many cases, periodic snaking is enough to keep your pipes flowing.

If the roots are more invasive, we’ll take other measures to prevent the problem from getting worse. Hydro jetting is an effective way our technicians can blast out roots and other debris that might clog your system.

In some cases, it might be necessary to repair pipes. Tree roots can destroy their integrity over time, so a repair will ensure your system is up to par. Repairing damaged pipes is an affordable option compared to replacing the entire line.

Need Rooter Services in NJ, PA, or DE? You Need Harris!

There’s no reason to live with clogged pipes or slowly draining sinks. Call Harris today to get professional service from our skilled technicians. Whether you need service in Salem, Woodbury, Media, Wilmington, or any other surrounding area, we’ve got you covered!

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$93 or free drain clearing

Disclaimer: Valid on main sewer drain only. Must have reasonable access to a clean-out. Up to 100 feet. One-time use of $93 or free per household. Must have free camera inspection for guarantee. Not valid on commercial or construction projects. Must be owner-occupied. Normal business hours.