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Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric is the premier company for electrical service needs in New Jersey, Delaware & Pennsylvania. Established in 1986, Harris has decades of experience diagnosing and solving various electrical problems whenever we are called.

Harris is a company dedicated to providing quality services at reasonable prices to the community. Weare proud to offer friendly, honest service. The friendly smiles and diligence set Harris apart as the best of the best whenever we are needed.

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What is an Electrical Safety Inspection?

One of the most important services that Harris performs is an electrical safety inspection – and it is what the name implies. Our technicians will go through the residence and check key components of its electrical system to ensure that there are no potential risks or hazards that could put families at risk.

This inspection could include checking the resistance of different home appliances, looking over the meter to ensure no damage, or even making sure that wiring is organized and dust-free. This service is a universal necessity for every home, especially the older it is.

When Would a Home Need an Electrical Safety Inspection?

A general rule to go by is that homes need an electrical safety inspection around every ten years. This number is halved to five if the property is a rental. Depending on the age of the home, inspections should be at a shorter interval, which usually applies to houses that are at least 35 years old.

Electrical Safety Inspection Services

Harris will check smoke and CO detectors to ensure they are working and less than ten years old. CO, or carbon monoxide, and smoke are two silent killers. We will make sure that these work properly to keep the home safe.

Keeping electrical equipment working safely and securely is a primary goal of an inspection. The meter, the breaker, GFCI and AFCI outlets, and wiring are all assessed to ensure that they are in proper condition and not a safety concern.

Find fire and electrical hazards that could be potentially devastating for a house. Harris can take care of these hazards by showing these risks before any damage or injury occurs.

Finding electrical problems is another vital part of an electrical inspection. A seemingly small electrical problem turns into a significant problem in a hurry. But addressing these, the home’s energy efficiency increases, the home’s power is cleaner, and everything can potentially run better – a plus in a technology-dependent world.

Outdated breakers or wiring not up to code is something that happens more often than one would think. It can be dangerous to go without updating breakers and wiring.

They present potential fire risks and are hazardous for any person in the home. Outdated electrical components need attention before they become real problems.

Harris always tries to find problems and address them as soon as possible, which keeps any electrical issue from becoming an emergency. The best thing to keep in mind is that if something seems off with your electrical system, call us today to check. It’s better safe than sorry.

Frequently asked questions

When they complete the inspection, Harris will supply an overview that depicts what we found during the inspection, if anything.

We will also provide a detailed quote for fixing any possible issues discovered. At the end of the inspection, the report is he most crucial part of the visit.

The homeowner should consider this report very carefully. The suggestions that the technician includes here are things that will keep home and family safe and that will also be preventative measures to avoid any emergency repair in the future.

The integrity and proper working order of the home’s electrical system should be prioritized as something in a residence that regularly needs to be checked on. An electrical safety inspection done every ten years or so is a straightforward way to provide safety and security in the home.

Technicians will only recommend repairs or upgrades to enhance safety and supply peace of mind.

Get an Electrical Safety Inspection from Harris Today

If there is a need for an electrical safety inspection, call us and schedule with them today. If there is one thing that you should not push off, it is the integrity of electrical work in a home. People and pets are safer in an inspected home, where the hazards are gone, and the weight of worry can be lifted.

Harris always puts the homeowner first. Our dedication and concern are part of what earns our company top reviews and repeat customers.

We will perform a thorough inspection without cutting corners. Harris will always provide advice that is up to date and give honest price quotes.

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