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Harris is New Jersey’s most trusted plumbing service provider. Our technicians are trained and certified. You can trust that the job will be well done. Never mind that delicate plumbing system awaiting maintenance underneath your home. You’ve just spent hours searching for the hidden source of that leak in your basement, hoping that the DIY did the fix.

Look no further than our plumbing technicians, that help you enjoy life without having to be a plumbing expert yourself. You never have to worry about surprises in terms of cost. Harris will always explain everything in advance.

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Plumbing Repairs & Installations

Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical provides a wide variety of plumbing services. Whatever the problem you’re facing, our techs have the expertise and tools to solve most situations right away.

  • Plumbing Repair: Harris offers professional plumbing repair for every plumbing issue imaginable. Experienced technicians are available for service and in-person consultation.
  • Frozen or Burst Pipes: Be stormproof with the latest pipe insulation to protect your family and home from harsh winter conditions. We have experts for every season.
  • Plumbing Inspection: Ensure your home is damp-free with a plumbing inspection that can spot expensive repairs before you do.
  • Water Heaters: Water heaters are replaceable, and depending on your home and water needs, Harris will make recommendations on what to choose that’s right for your family.
  • Tankless Water Heaters: Find new ways to create energy efficiency in your home using electric water heaters that heat your water without waiting.
  • Kitchen and Bath Plumbing Repair: No more working at your kitchen table trying to ignore the backdrop sounds of your leaky faucets. Whether you have a compression faucet or washerless faucet, we have the perfect technician for the job.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Fixture Install: Our experts can install that new kitchen or bathroom fixture that you’ve always wanted from start to finish.
  • Sump Pumps: Get control over heavy leaks in the shortest time, perfect for after a storm or surprise leak. We’ll teach you about sump pump pits and pump backups that keep your favorite carpets water damage-free.
  • Gas Lines: Heat your entire home all winter long with clean, reliable natural gas sources straight from the pipeline or propane tank. We stop leaks in their tracks, treat that awful eggy smell, and we’ll even get rid of that hissing sound.
  • Repiping Services: Replace your worn piping with new and improved pipes for a safer home and better health. Harris plumbers specialize in repiping lead pipes, galvanized pipes, and remodeling pipes for new bathroom installations and plumbing fixtures.
  • Water Treatment and Filtration: Want clean drinking water free of heavy metals, fluoride, and bacteria without heat or chemicals? Ask our plumbing experts which water treatment and filtration system is best for you.

Do You Need a Professional to Handle Plumbing Issues?

In short, yes! A plumber should handle every plumbing issue. Our real-world experienced plumbers have fine-tuned assessments that uncover damaged areas of your home. Our professional technicians know the subtle signs and symptoms of the ever-growing list of plumbing issues that the average DIY specialist mistakes for a minor fix.

DIY fixes are significant for temporarily solving the problem, but plumbing issues are more complicated than anyone imagines. Harris is here with the tools and expertise, ready to fix the problem and make it better.

Trust Harris With All Your Plumbing Needs

We pride ourselves on being the best plumber technicians in New Jersey. Contact us today and schedule plumbing service for your home no matter what you’re facing.


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