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$93 or free drain clearing

Disclaimer: Valid on main sewer drain only. Must have reasonable access to a clean-out. Up to 100 feet. One-time use of $93 or free per household. Must have free camera inspection for guarantee. Not valid on commercial or construction projects. Must be owner-occupied. Normal business hours.

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New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania residents know the nightmare that comes with a clogged drain. Thankfully, Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric professionals have the experience and training to handle any sort of drainage problem.

Harris is a family-owned company that provides trusted drain clearing services to our customers. Our expertise is the result of 30 years worth of guaranteed service to a loyal customer base. We can even provide same-day service depending on your situation.

A well-maintained drainage system is the foundation of a clean home. When the shower drain starts gurgling a little longer than usual, you could be in for some trouble once a clump of hair causes a complete blockage. Know the signs of bad drainage so you can take action and consider when you need a professional fix.

Drain Clearing Service

Drain clearing is often a huge and messy job. You will need it done when debris and other matter become clogged and trapped in your drainage pipes. When your sink backs up and bubbles instead of draining, call Harris.

We provide skilled and professional technicians who have seen it all. We can assess the problem, find solutions, and prevent a catastrophe.

Some of the common issues that need drain clearing can solve include:

  • iconDrains draining slowly

    Debris, food waste, and grease buildup over time cause slow drainage. While there are harsh chemical solutions marketed to solve this problem, using them carries the risk of corroding your pipes and other fittings cause to more problems over time.

  • iconDrains not draining at all

    In the worst-case scenario, something huge is blocking your drain causing water to back up completely. Calling a professional to assess the issue is wise since the blockage could be located in a particularly problematic area in your pipeline.

  • iconSlow draining toilets

    This can be caused by throwing in all manner of garbage or debris into the toilet and flushing them down. Other causes for this frustrating problem include the buildup of calcium or hard materials and a faulty flushing siphon.

  • iconSewage coming through the drains

    Another problem that comes from faulty plumbing; it is the backflow of waste material that’s meant to go to the septic tank. This issue can cause a lot of damage when left unchecked.

  • iconBad smells from drains

    Offensive odors can emanate from drains because the P-trap has stopped working correctly or can be caused by other issues in your plumbing setup. This can require a complete evaluation of the plumbing system, but it’s a job that an experienced plumbing service can fix easily.

  • iconFlies or other inspects coming in through drains

    Small bugs like roaches and drain flies breed in the sewage lines and the septic tank. A correctly installed drainage system should protect against insects and gasses coming out of the drains.

Just because these issues are common doesn’t mean they can be easy to fix on your own. Calling Harris and then scheduling for same-day service should prevent these issues from becoming a real headache. Years of experience have also allowed us to work well with most equipment brands, new and old.

Call us today at 856-485-7215 to schedule drain cleaning across New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Frequently asked questions

While you can sweep drainage issues under the rug, you’re risking your entire home by leaving them unchecked. Issues like sewage coming up through the drains can lead to major property damage and leave some nasty, pervasive odors that can reduce your property value.

You will need drain clearing when the plumber determines that a blockage is keeping your drains from working well. Professionals clear drains by dislodging a blockage along the pipelines in your plumbing system. Plumbers do this with specialized tools like industrial-grade plumbing snakes designed to make quick work of the job.

Sure you can. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Draino and other caustic drain clearing agents may sound like they’re the solution, but they can have some underlying effects that degrade your pipeline over time. Using a toilet snake may solve your toilet woes, but what’s to say that you haven’t punched a hole in your PVC pipes while you were at it?

Hiring us gives you the peace of mind and quality of service that you and your home deserve. We are here to help prevent these problems from recurring or causing more damage.

Take Action Before It’s Too Late

Improper drainage, bad toilet flushing, and smelly drains are easy to ignore. Heck, you can even get used to them. As they say, inaction has its consequences. Call Harris today to ensure that your drain cleaning job has an experienced, well-trained pro working on it. You’ll thank yourself for nipping your drainage problem in the bud with service from the right people.

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