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A plumber uses a plunger to unclog a toilet.

At Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric, our licensed and insured plumbers work hard to keep your bathroom plumbing systems in prime condition. From the bathtub and the shower to the sink and the toilet, you can depend on our plumbing professionals to install, maintain, repair, and replace the plumbing systems you rely on for your health and comfort.

When you choose our team, you will always receive upfront, honest pricing, five-star service, fast response times, and more.

Bathtub & Shower Installation

Our specialists can help you select the ideal bathtub and shower solution for your home. We can install bathtubs in new homes or as part of renovation and remodeling. We adhere to strict quality control procedures, which ensure our tub and shower installations are snug, secure, and won’t leak. We can install walk-in showers, rainfall showers, shower towers, bathtub/shower combos, corner showers, and more.

If your tub or shower has cracks, leaks, prolific mold/mildew, stubborn stains, or isn’t as accessible as you desire, we can help you identify a suitable replacement. While some damage can be repaired, many issues are best resolved by replacing the damaged tub/shower.

Call (856) 485-7215 to request a bathroom plumbing appointment in Delaware, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania.

Toilet Installation & Repair

A new toilet can make your bathroom significantly more comfortable and convenient. Our plumbers can install a broad range of toilets in your new home or as part of renovation or remodeling. We offer a full selection of top-quality brands and will help you select the ideal toilet for your needs. We can install dual flush toilets, low-flow toilets, wall-hung toilets, bidets, and more.

Of course, even the best toilet can break down and fail over time. We can help when your toilet is constantly running, stubbornly clogged, or won’t flush as efficiently as it should. We can repair damaged chains, replace broken flappers, adjust the float, and more. Our plumbers will thoroughly assess the condition of your toilet and perform the necessary repairs quickly and effectively.

If your toilet isn’t working, call Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric at (856) 485-7215 to schedule toilet repair in NJ, DE, or PA.

Sink & Faucet Installation

We offer a full range of sink and faucet installation services, including shower faucet installation. Upgrading your sinks and faucets can update the appearance of your bathroom and improve the flow and function of these critical fixtures. We can install bowl sinks, copper sinks, stainless steel sinks, porcelain sinks, pedestal sinks, and more.

Our team can help you choose the best solutions for your needs. We carry a selection of top-quality sinks and faucets from leading manufacturers that look beautiful and function flawlessly.

Why Choose Us?

Since 1986, the plumbing professionals at Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric have proudly served clients in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Our experienced technicians undergo extensive training annually, ensuring we maintain the up-to-date skills and expertise required to serve your needs effectively.

When you choose our team to service your plumbing systems, you will always receive upfront, honest pricing and responsive customer service.

Call (856) 485-7215 to schedule bathroom plumbing services in Delaware, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania.


It’s possible to seal a leak in cracked porcelain. However, restoring the structural integrity of the tank is impossible. If the porcelain is cracked, the repair can fail when pressure is applied. When you sit on the toilet, it can collapse and crumple to the floor.

Bathroom renovations will modernize the appearance and aesthetic of your bathroom, adding value to your home. They will also improve your comfort and convenience and enhance the functionality of the sinks, toilets, showers, etc.

You Need Harris

Plumbing maintenance inspections make you aware of existing problems. It takes one costly plumbing problem to ruin your home’s investment value. That can be prevented with plumbing maintenance and care. Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric has something for everyone if you are looking for the best plumbing maintenance in New Jersey, Delaware & Pennsylvania. We have an expert team of experienced, trained, and licensed plumbers. Harris will deliver nothing but thorough and precise services. Contact us today.

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