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$93 or free drain clearing

Disclaimer: Valid on main sewer drain only. Must have reasonable access to a clean-out. Up to 100 feet. One-time use of $93 or free per household. Must have free camera inspection for guarantee. Not valid on commercial or construction projects. Must be owner-occupied. Normal business hours.

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Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric is a widely recognized team of home service providers who service clogged drains. At Harris, we understand the multitude of problems that cause drain problems. However, we don’t just unclog – we also install or replace sewer and water lines when necessary.

Our drain services provide homeowners with solutions for clearing drains. Our team specializes in drain systems, sewer lines, water lines, drain, and trenchless sewer line services.

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Drain Services With So Much More

Harris provides full drain services, whatever your situation requires. Harris certified technicians have the knowledge and the appropriate equipment to analyze the problem. We will then either solve it on the spot or let you know what the solution is and a timeframe for completion.

Complex installation procedures, when necessary, require an understanding of the local code laws. You can trust that our service technicians are fully state-licensed. Drain service in your home can involve many problems: a plugged sink, a complicated sewer line, or water line installation or repair. Harris tackles it all, such as:

  • iconDrain Clearing

    Every homeowner faces a clogged drain at some point. Perhaps your toddler thought it was fun to flush a collection of toys down the toilet, or you have a kitchen sink that coughs instead of swallowing.

  • iconRooter Service

    A rooter drain service is a modern method of clearing your drain or pipelines from complicated obstructions. Common causes for drain obstructions include tree roots, pipe corrosion, and buildup that eventually become larger-scale problems. Investigate as soon as you notice a sluggish drain in your kitchen, toilet, or bath. These minor drain issues often evolve into bigger problems.

  • iconCamera Inspection

    Once our professionals determine the root cause of your problem and that ordinary plumbing solutions won’t solve it, we may suggest exploring with a camera. A mainline camera inspection isn’t as daunting or expensive as you think. A camera inspection takes the guesswork out of the problem. Our certified technicians will maneuver the camera through the network of pipes until it discovers the blockage. Once the jamming issue is established, our professionals will guide you through your next steps and find an affordable resolution.

  • iconLeak Detection

    Small, nearly invisible leaks are silent killers. A small undetected leak can cause severe damage. It will affect walls, cause mold, cost you a fortune in water bills, crack your foundation, and raise your homeowner insurance costs. Our professional plumbers will help you detect those invisible leaks that jacked your New Jersey water consumption rate. Our licensed technicians will discover the leak with a handy leak detection aid and repair the problem before significant damage infiltrates your home.

  • iconTrenchless Sewer Line

    The name suggests that a trenchless sewer line is invisible – it isn’t. A trenchless sewer pipeline merely replaces the existing line. Trenchless sewer line repairs use one of two methods: bursting or relining. Trenchless sewer lines provide homeowners with a quicker, less expensive, and less disturbing solution to their broken sewer line dilemma. Our trusted New Jersey Harris team comes equipped and trained to service this problem swiftly.

  • iconSewer Lines

    Sewer lines are either old or need to be installed for new builds. By choosing a reliable drain services company like us, neither is a problem. Our plumbing team will install new sewer lines and understands the building codes. We can install or replace your sewer network and save you money, time, and unforeseen expenses.

  • iconWater Lines

    Like sewer lines, water lines need to be installed to code by a knowledgeable person. Water lines carry a vital yet potentially harmful liquid. If your new build or reno project involves incorrect installation, you may face many problems. The first problem may be that you won’t pass the building inspection. Our experts understand the ins and outs of proper water line installation. The next hurdle may take time to develop, but a slow leak can damage and ruin the interior. Harris team understands the intricacies of waterlines and is state-licensed.

Why Drain Issues Need to Be Tackled Immediately

We’ve hinted that drain issues are hazardous. Harris has the skills to prevent and repair them. Our team may suggest installing a backwater prevention valve, for instance.

Ignoring drainage issues and water or sewer line problems won’t make them disappear. A sluggish sewer line can result in sewer backup, which may back-feed into your home. Faulty water lines will damage the interior of your home. And harmful mold buildup will affect your family’s health. Broken water lines will also affect the quality and safety of your drinking water, leading to harmful substances in your water.

If you ignore these issues now, it might mean spending more money and bearing through complex repair work in the future.

Drain Service Professionals

The growing customer base in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania suggests that our customers are happy and spreading the word. Harris offers a 100% service satisfaction customer guarantee. Call us today to find the right solution before a worrisome drainage issue becomes a nightmare.


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