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You need a working heating system to keep your home as comfortable as possible. Investing in maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your heating system in good working order. Since 1986, Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric has been serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, offering excellent heating and cooling services. We believe strongly in the benefits of maintenance, and we have a long list of happy customers who have taken advantage of our heating maintenance services.

Benefits of Annual Heating Maintenance Service

Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electric offers heating maintenance for furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. There are many reasons to invest in annual eating maintenance. Your home’s comfort and your HVAC’s efficiency are two of them. Here are some specific reasons why investing in heating maintenance makes sense:

  • A well-maintained system costs less to run.
  • You’ll experience fewer breakdowns and issues throughout the heating season.
  • You may extend the life span of your system by keeping it well-maintained.
  • The home’s overall comfort level will be higher, with consistent temperatures throughout the season.

If you’re ready to invest in these benefits, it’s time to invest in heating maintenance.

Call 856-485-7215 or contact Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electric online to schedule your maintenance appointment.

Best Time of Year for Heating Maintenance

You can schedule heating maintenance at any time in the year, but to get the most efficient use out of your system, consider scheduling it at the start of the heating season. We recommend calling us at the start of fall to get on the schedule. This will ensure you have comfortable and efficient heat all season long and help you miss the big rush at the start of the winter.

Are you ready to schedule heating system maintenance? Call us at 856-485-7215 to get started.

Harris Happy Home Club

The Harris Happy Home Club is a membership program we offer to help you save on repairs and maintenance. As a member, you not only get priority scheduling, but you also get two free maintenance appointments each year. Some of the perks of being a Harris Happy Home Club member include the following:

  • Money-back guarantee: If you have any trouble with your system after a tune-up, we’ll refund you the money or credit you the amount toward a repair.
  • No-cost trip charges: Any typical trip charges are waived for club members as long as the appointment is during normal business hours.
  • Repair discounts: Save on your heating and cooling repairs by 15% every time.
  • Priority scheduling: You get first place in our scheduling queue, which means you get services done more quickly.
  • System safety report: Our tune-up is a 21-point inspection, and it comes with a safety report after we’re done.

Get peace of mind and save on repairs with the Harris Happy Home Club. Contact us online or call 856-485-7215 to join today.


HVAC maintenance plans help you ensure you get your heating maintenance appointment on time every year. They also come with savings on repairs, and many, including the Harris Happy Home Club, offer priority scheduling. It’s well worth the investment.

A heating maintenance plan should offer savings on repairs and other services. It also should include complimentary tune-ups of your heating system every year. A system safety report from a comprehensive inspection is ideal, as is a money-back guarantee.

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