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Frozen plumbing fixtures are never fun! If you’ve ever had to experience it, you know the stress it brings. Whether the pipes are in the house or the garage, they can freeze if the weather gets cold enough. And that’s not all — repeated freezing and melting can damage the pipes, causing them to leak, or worse, burst!

Here are a few common signs that your pipes are frozen or in danger of freezing.

Check For Water Supply Issues

  • No water: If you have no water coming out of the tap, and it’s sub-zero outside, your pipes are probably frozen. If you can get to the frozen pipe, you can try to thaw it with a hairdryer. Or you could give us a call. We can get the pipes thawed, and offer some solutions so it doesn’t happen again.
  • Slow running water: It could mean that they are in danger of freezing. Keeping the tap running, even just for a little while, will help keep them from freezing.
  • Sputtering water: If it’s not flowing like it usually does, something is wrong. Just keep a drip going.

Visually Inspect The Pipes

If you have pipes that are exposed to the freezing weather, they will start freezing on the outside edge of the pipe. If there is frost building up on the exterior of the pipes, they are in danger of freezing, if they aren’t already frozen.

  • Do you see any water spots on your walls?

If there are pipes in the walls that aren’t insulated, they could freeze as well. And, if there’s any damage to the pipes caused by the freezing, it will leak and you will quickly see the damage on the walls. If the damage is bad enough, the walls may even feel damp.

  • Do you hear sounds from the pipes when you turn on the tap?

If the water in the pipes is in the process of freezing, you may hear bubbling and gurgling sounds when you turn the water on. The sound is caused by running water trying to get through frozen water in the pipes. Again, keep the tap on a slow drip, just in case.

Contact Harris Plumbing and Heating for Help

If you are experiencing any issues with frozen pipes, or have in the past, give us a call. Our team of professionals will quickly assess your water issues. Not only will we get your water running, but we’ll also be able to get those pipes wrapped, making it the last time they’ll freeze.

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