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Winter is on its way! By preparing in the weeks to come, you can ensure that your Gloucester County, NJ home is safe and secure when the winter arrives. Taking the time to take stock of your home maintenance needs can help protect your family and ensure you enjoy a safe and happy winter season. To help guide you through this process, we’re highlighting three things you can focus on to start winterizing your home.

1. Focus on Insulation and Ventilation

Focusing on insulation and ventilation in the home is one of the most important steps in protecting the structure of the property and ensuring warm air stays in the home.

Make sure that any gaps in the insulation are filled before the winter begins, and ensure that your home ventilation system is in optimal working condition.

The ventilation system will be required to ensure warm air reaches all areas of the property, and to prevent bacteria and other contaminants from staying in the home for a prolonged period of time.

2. Check the Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

With the warm weather over for the year and the cool weather arriving, you’ll be spending time inside the home more often. This means you’ll be cooking meals more often in the kitchen, which can increase the chances of a fire in the home.

To help protect your family, ensure that your smoke detector is working effectively. Check the batteries and test the product over a period of a week before the worst of the winter weather arrives.

You should also consider testing your carbon monoxide system. If the system isn’t working effectively, you could find that your home fireplace causes the buildup of dangerous gases. Check the system now to avoid potential hazards.

3. Stock Up on De-Icing Salt

Slips and falls around the home are one of the most common causes of injury during the winter season. And the vast majority of the damage is caused by the driveways and pathways leading to the home.

Make sure that you place de-icing salt on your driveway, pathways leading to the property, and even frozen pipes this winter season. This can help to prevent bone fractures and other injuries for family and friends.

Even your plumbing system can benefit from de-icing. Take the time to review your home maintenance responsibilities before the winter arrives. You’ll stay protected and ready to enjoy all winter has to offer.