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Your whole-house electrical safety inspection is a job for our experts at Harris. Join other Delaware residents who place their trust in us every day with their home electrical needs. With free estimates and friendly licensed and insured experts, your home is in good hands with us.

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Delaware Electrical Safety Inspection Services

Obtaining an electrical safety inspection is necessary for many homeowners. Whether you are building a new house, purchasing an older home, or want to pinpoint any existing problems you may have, our professionals can ensure that all of your electrical needs are taken care of during this time.

  • iconSmoke and CO Detectors

    Regular checks of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will help keep your home and family safe in an emergency. Our experts can test and determine any malfunctions or issues with these safety devices and recommend solutions.

  • iconKeep Your Equipment Operating Safely and Efficiently

    An electrical safety inspection for your home can ensure that your structure receives adequate power. The proper voltage will keep your electrical appliances and equipment operating safely and efficiently.

  • iconIdentify Fire and Electrical Hazards

    It’s vital to identify any potential safety hazards before damage or harm occurs. This way, you can keep everyone in your home safe and avoid house fires or damage to your electrical system.

  • iconIdentify Electrical Problems

    A proper electrical safety inspection can identify any electrical problems in your home. Our experts at Harris can ensure that all of your electrical components are operating correctly so you will not face costly repairs later.

  • iconOutdated Breakers or Wiring Not Up to Code

    If you are a homeowner with an older house, you may be facing outdated circuit breakers or older wiring. Call Harris today for a free quote on a comprehensive electrical safety inspection to determine if your wiring is up to current code standards and if your circuit breakers are sufficient for your household needs.

  • iconIdentify Issues Before They Become Emergencies

    Your home’s electrical system must receive the proper care and attention to operate safely and effectively. Periodic safety inspections can help identify potential issues with your wiring or breaker panels before they evolve into emergency problems that cause damage or harm.

Frequently Asked Questions

A complete electrical safety inspection involves a thorough check of your home’s electrical system. Our professionals are fully licensed and insured to inspect all of your wiring, circuit breakers and panels, and electrical components for safe operation and that it adheres to current standards and electrical codes.

Having an expert with the knowledge and skills to perform this critical safety inspection is essential. This way, you can ensure that your home’s electrical system is up to code and working correctly to prevent future issues.

Several ordinary circumstances can call for a complete electrical safety inspection. Knowing when this service is necessary can keep you and your family safe.

Electrical safety inspections are vital any time you:

  • Purchase a new home or move into an older home
  • Complete a major renovation
  • Adding or changing electrical appliances
  • Own a house that is over 40 years old
  • Obtaining safety certification for home insurance needs

While you may not purchase or move into a home often, it’s important to remember to have this inspection completed annually, or at any time you change a component in your electrical system.

Our experts will provide you with a comprehensive report of any findings during the inspection process to know what specific areas are of concern. We also include a free no-obligation quote on any items that require fixing that became apparent due to your annual electrical safety inspection.

If your home has any pressing concerns with its electrical system, you must have these issues taken care of as soon as possible. By prolonging any necessary repairs, you can put your home and your family’s safety at risk, causing substantial damage or harm in the future.

Trust in the Experts at Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical

Look no further than our experts at Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical for all of your electrical safety inspection needs. Our professionals can complete the job safely and provide a comprehensive plan to remedy any potential issues to keep your house and family safe.

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