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A professional can easily handle your water heater installation, repairs, and maintenance. If you are in the Delaware area, look no further than Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electrical experts for all your water heater needs.

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Delaware Water Heater Services

Finding a trained expert who is fully licensed and insured for water heater services can be daunting. We provide exceptional customer service with high-quality installation, repairs, and maintenance of most manufacturer’s brands as an authorized dealer.

  • iconDelaware Water Heater Maintenance

    Annual water heater maintenance is vital for the life of your unit and ensures proper operation. Our technicians are familiar with the necessary care a hot water system may require to remain efficient and avoid future costly repairs.

    Some routine maintenance items your water heater requires include:

    • Flush the lines and drain the tank
    • Check the anode rod
    • Examine drain valves
    • Test the water temperature and quality
    • Test the TPR valve
    • Monitor the air circulation and ventilation
    • Use insulation on the pipes and tank

    When you have a regular maintenance schedule for your water heater, you can keep it running efficiently and help prevent potential issues. Our professionals can also perform a complete examination of your unit during this time so you know the current status of your system.

  • iconDelaware Water Heater Installation

    A new water heater is an investment for your home. This system should reflect your home’s needs and wants to deliver hot water when you need it effectively. If you are not sure if a new water heater is the right choice, take a look at these situations that may call for a complete installation:

    • Constant or costly repairs
    • High utility bills
    • Aging models that are inefficient

    Before selecting a brand and model of water heater, give us a call at Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical. We can help you examine your current household needs and which style of water heater system will best suit your home.

  • iconDelaware Water Heater Repair

    Call us if you notice some inconsistencies with your water heater or have concerns about its operation. Our technicians have the training and experience to help diagnose and repair your model no matter what brand it is or how old it may be.

    Leaking Water

    If you have leaking water coming from your water heater, it may be a simple fix. For example, loose connections can require tightening, condensation buildup can resemble leaks, and overflow valves can indicate more extensive problems.

    Producing Too Hot or Too Cold Water

    Inconsistent water temperatures may point to a malfunctioning thermostat. Conversely, adjusting the thermostat and seeing no change in water temperature may require a more thorough investigation of your hot water tank.

    No Hot Water

    It can be stressful for homeowners with no hot water, even with a full tank. However, a simple check and repair of a pilot light or electrical element may be all that is required from one of our pros to have your hot water tank back to normal.

    Low Hot Water Pressure

    If you notice extremely low hot water pressure, you may face an easy fix or a significant repair. For example, clogged aerators in the sink can sometimes decrease the flow, or a valve may be partially closed.

    However, if your system is aging, your hot water plumbing could be smaller than modern units, which will hinder the hot water pressure. As a result, some homeowners may opt for a complete pipe replacement to larger equipment to allow better water flow.

    Foul Odors

    Hot water that carries foul odors can indicate bacteria buildup inside your hot water tank. Our professionals can diagnose and treat a unit that produces hot water which may smell and contain bacteria.

    Long Reheating Duration Times

    Does it seem like your hot water tank takes an extremely long time to reheat water after a shower? Do you have to wait between loads of laundry or dishes to ensure you have warm or hot water?

    Long reheating times can point to gas valve issues, thermostat problems, or your tank might not be large enough to service all the people in your home. Talk to our pros and see if your water heater requires a simple repair or if you should look into an upgrade or replacement to rectify this problem.

    However, keep in mind that continuous repairs on an aging water heater can quickly add up to a more considerable expense than anticipated. When you regularly have technicians service and repair your unit, it can be more cost-effective to choose a new installation for the future.

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Our Delaware team of experts at Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical is here to answer any questions about your current water heater system or recommendations for maintenance, repairs, and new installs.

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