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Is Drain Clearing Necessary? When Do You Need to Do It?

Drain clearing is just one of the many maintenance tasks that homeowners should recognize as a regular occurrence. However, clearing is not something you only take care of when there is a significant clog in your drain. Periodic clearing can help prevent the buildup of food particles and debris within your plumbing over time.

Without proper drain clearing, your home may experience slow draining water in your kitchen sink or bathrooms or other adverse side effects, like sewage backup. Ignoring slow-moving drains will quickly become a more significant problem that can create costly damage.

Should You Clear Clogs Yourself?

It can be simple to run out to the store and use commercial products like Drano or a drain snake to clear a clogged drain yourself. However, these measures are temporary solutions and provide a short-term solution to a larger problem. Additionally, not all commercial products are safe for your plumbing system or water source, creating more damage.

For example, Drano uses a chemical reaction to help clear stubborn clogs in drains. Unfortunately, these chemicals will corrode the plumbing and damage toilet bowls with continuous use. This product can also inadvertently worsen a clog since it is a liquid solution that turns into a solid when inside your pipes.

Alternatively, if you use an on-site septic system, commercial items like Drano will cause damage to the septic tank. This is because it kills the good bacteria necessary to break down sewage for decomposition.

However, individuals may opt to use a drain snake to try and unclog pipes themselves. While these items do not use a chemical reaction, they can crack and damage plumbing when misused. As a result, homeowners may be facing an expensive repair bill rather than a drain clearing fee.

Delaware Drain Clearing Service

Harris’ drain clearing service is a simple process that can help minimize common plumbing problems in the home. So whether you are currently facing a slow-moving drain, a clog, or just want to avoid any potential plumbing disasters, our experts have the skills and equipment to get the job done right the first time.

Some of the problems drain clearing services can tackle include:

  • iconSlow-Moving Drains

    When pipes contain a buildup of food particles, soap scum, or other debris, it will slow down the movement of water through the plumbing. Slow-moving water is the first indication that you should look for a drain clearing service.

  • iconCompletely Clogged Drains

    A professional drain clearing service is necessary if you have standing water that will not drain. Homeowners should avoid using corrosive commercial products or items that can cause damage to their pipes and leave these stubborn clogs to the experts.

  • iconSlow Draining Toilets

    No one wants to deal with an overflowing toilet. However, if your toilet is slow draining, a buildup within the plumbing is evident and requires a call to a drain clearing pro to handle the job before it becomes a severe problem.

  • iconSewage Backup in Drains

    When clogs or buildup affects your plumbing, sewage may be redirected to other areas and show up in your drains around the home. Calling a drain clearing expert will help prevent a full sewage backup that will create significant damage in your house.

  • iconFoul Smells from Drains

    If you notice any foul smells emitting from your drains, you have a problem with buildup, even if you currently do not have any slow-moving water. This situation is the best time to call in a pro to clear out the drains before it becomes severe enough to restrict water flow or cause sewage backup.

  • iconEvidence of Flies or Insects from Drains

    Fruit flies or other insects that hang around your drains are unsightly and indicate a drain issue. The best way to handle these pests is to have expert drain clearing to keep your plumbing clean and keep pests from coming back in the future.

    Homeowners may experience one or more of these common drain problems. Thankfully, our professionals at Harris can tackle any scenario and clear your drains. This way, you can prevent any possible costly damage to your home and future issues.

Use Harris for All Your Drain Clearing Service Needs

Drain clearing is a simple job that can keep your plumbing operational and help you avoid costly repairs or damage in your home. Call on us at Harris to perform your drain clearing. As Delaware’s trusted experts, we keep your plumbing in top shape and free of possible future issues.

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