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Ensuring that your home’s heating system is properly working when you need it requires regular scheduled maintenance and care. When you need a professional for any heating installation, maintenance, or repairs, call us at Harris. We are Delaware’s most trusted heating services provider. Our expert technicians are trained and equipped to handle all your heating service needs.

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Delaware Heating Services

Different heating systems make use of different mechanisms, including furnaces and boilers. Furnace heating systems use ducts to disperse heated air throughout your home. On the other hand, boilers make use of coils to heat air or radiators to create steam that warms your space. Our skilled technicians at Harris are trained to diagnose and repair all types of heating systems.

Delaware Heating Maintenance

A furnace or boiler is a major appliance investment in your home’s value and overall comfort. Regular maintenance can keep your system’s warranty active and prolong its life expectancy.

Unfortunately, without periodic maintenance and care, potential issues will not show up until the day you need to run your heating system. Ignoring or overlooking problems can cause significant damage and costly repairs later.

Proper heating maintenance includes various aspects of your home’s entire system. Our professionals at Harris have the knowledge and tools to take care of these critical tasks, so you can be confident your heating system will work when you need it.

Thermostat Care

Annual checks of the thermostat can reveal any issues with the tuner or anticipator that regulates heat flow in your home. Occasionally, you can quickly remedy some heating problems with a thermostat replacement rather than a costly furnace repair.

Check and Replace Air or Oil Filters

Regular air filter replacements will keep the air that moves through your home cleaner and free of allergens. Depending on your location, this task may be necessary on a forced-air furnace more than once a year. For hydronic boiler heating systems, regularly checking and replacing the oil filters will ensure your system continues to run efficiently.

Clean All Ductwork and Registers In Forced-Air Systems

Traditional forced-air furnaces will blow dust, debris, and allergens around the home when there is a buildup inside the ductwork. In addition, mold and mildew can grow within your ducts, causing serious health issues. Annual cleaning of your ductwork and registers will keep these elements free of contaminants and keep you and your family healthy and comfortable year-round.

Drain and Flush Hydronic Boiler Systems

Regular draining and flushing of your hydronic boiler heating system will help remove any sludge, rust, or other debris sitting in your lines. This routine maintenance will keep your boiler running efficiently and help prevent expensive repairs or replacements if ignored.

Check All Ductwork for Mold, Rust, Cracks, or Breaks

Have a professional from Harris check all your ductwork for mold, rust, cracks, or breaks annually. Repairing these minor issues can save you hundreds of dollars in costly repairs and higher utility bills later if left unattended.

Furnace or Boiler Cleaning

Annual cleaning of your furnace or boiler will ensure it runs efficiently and can help prolong its life. More efficient heating systems will also cost less to operate, helping to save you money on utility bills.

Delaware Heating Repair

Repairs of your home’s heating system can be minimal and affordable when caught early. However, if problems are left until much later, there could be significant damage, resulting in more costly repairs.

Some common heating repairs can help remedy these issues in your home:

  • iconCold spots throughout the home
  • iconLoud noises, banging, or screeching sounds while operating
  • iconContinuous operation or frequent shutdowns
  • iconUnusual odors while operating
  • iconAbsence of warm air during operation
  • iconFrequent thermostat adjustments
  • iconPoor indoor air quality

If you do not address these or other heating system problems, you may see a spike in your energy bills as your system compensates for inefficient operation. In addition, the longer you allow your furnace or boiler to run when repairs are necessary, the more damage it can cause, resulting in a complete replacement later.

Delaware Heating Installation

Are you building a new home and are unsure if a forced-air furnace or hydronic boiler system is right for you? Our experts at Harris can help you explore your options and choose the best setup for your home and budget.

Each heating installation will have its benefits and advantages, depending on your location, the home’s design, and what you need for year-round comfort. We are happy to discuss the options with you and find a solution that will suit you and your family for years to come.

Unfortunately, furnaces and boilers do not last forever, even with proper care and maintenance, and will need replacing eventually. Harris is here for you when it comes time to choose to replace your existing heating system components.

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Having our professionals from Harris perform regular maintenance on your heating system will keep your furnace or boiler operating efficiently while minimizing repairs and prolonging its life.

If you need an expert for a full installation, we have the training and knowledge to handle many standard manufacturer brands. We are licensed and insured as authorized dealers in the Delaware area for all of your heating needs.


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