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Sump pump open for maintenance

As a homeowner, your sump pump must be in proper working condition, especially during rainy seasons. A malfunctioning sump pump can lead to water damage and costly repairs. Here’s a simple checklist to help you determine if your sump pump is working. Regular maintenance and inspection can save you from unexpected water-related disasters and provide peace of mind.

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Check for Any Debris

The first step in assessing your sump pump’s functionality is to inspect the area in and around it for any debris or obstructions. Clear away any leaves, twigs, or dirt that may have accumulated in or near the sump pump pit. Debris can hinder the pump’s operation and affect its ability to pump water effectively. By keeping the area clean, you allow the pump to work the way you need it to.

Unplug the Pump

Next, unplug the sump pump from its power source and plug it back in. This simple action helps reset the pump and resolves any minor electrical issues that may be affecting its performance.

Also, ensure that the power cord is securely connected and that there are no signs of damage or wear.

Test the Pump

To thoroughly test the functionality of your sump pump, carefully pour water into the sump pit. Observe the pump as the water level rises. The float switch activates the pump and should rise along with the water level. Once the float switch reaches a certain height, the pump motor should automatically turn on.

You should hear the motor running, and the water should be pumped out of the pit through the discharge pipe. If the pump fails to activate or struggles to remove the water efficiently, there may be an issue that requires professional attention.

Consider Investing in a Sump Pump Sensor

For added peace of mind, you may want to consider investing in a sump pump sensor. This device acts as an extra layer of protection by alerting you if the water level in the sump pit rises beyond a certain point. The sensor can send notifications to your smartphone or sound an alarm, giving you an early warning of potential flooding. A sump pump sensor is a great way to provide extra security.

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