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When your furnace or AC conks out on you, and you need to replace it, does it make more sense to replace the whole HVAC unit at the same time? Although in theory you may feel like you’ll get a few more years out of the other half of your system and you can defer the cost of replacement, is it a really good idea?

As it turns out, replacing everything at once can be cost-effective, even with the upfront costs associated with putting in a new system.
Here is why.

Potential Drawbacks

The one thing that might be holding you up with your decision to replace both units at the same time is the upfront cost of both units. It seems even more expensive if your air conditioner or your furnace broke down unexpectedly and that you hadn’t budgeted for it.

When you consider some of the other cost savings that will be available to you if you do decide to upgrade both systems at once, it can help to make that initial cost seem more manageable.

Ask our Professional Opinion

It can be helpful to consult with a trained professional to get an accurate picture of your current system and to help you to gauge what your future costs might be if you hold off replacing the full system.

One of our trained HVAC technicians here in Gloucester County, NJ can also help you to understand what some of the benefits of the new models on the market are and make sure that you’ve got the right equipment for your home.

Just Some of the Benefits

Do you have a matched system currently? If you are replacing one system, this is a great opportunity to match both of your systems. Matched systems tend to work more effectively together.

You are less likely to need repairs. Matched systems share some components too, which make them work more effectively. If both parts of your HVAC are getting older, there are definite cost benefits because of the energy efficiency of new units, so it makes total sense to upgrade both heating and cooling at the same time. These energy-efficient improvements will reduce your bills.

The best way to extend the life of your HVAC unit is to maintain it regularly. Seasonal maintenance is a good idea as your system will get cleaned, and inspected and you’ll be alerted to any smaller problems before they have a chance to develop into something bigger.