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When the weather is hot or cold, you want your HVAC system to be working properly. To ensure that it performs when you need it, you must look after it on an ongoing basis.

With basic monthly maintenance, you can perform yourself and yearly tune-ups handled by licensed HVAC specialists, you will save money by avoiding costly repairs and lowering your energy bills. You will get longer life from your system by keeping it running smoothly and fixing problems before they arise.

But most of all, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can rely on your HVAC to do its job year-round.

Check and Replace Your Air Filters

Your HVAC’s air filter plays an important role – preventing large airborne particles from entering its machinery and impeding its operation.

Every month you should check to see if the filter or screen is dirty and needs cleaning or replacing.

With normal use, the filter should be changed at least once every three months.

However, with heavier use, pets or smokers in the house, higher pollution or airborne allergens, and for other reasons, you may have to replace it more often, perhaps monthly.

Some HVAC systems have indicator lights that let you know when this important job must be done.

To do this, follow your HVAC’s instructions, using the filter it specifies. Some filters are color-coded to indicate the filter’s front and back end, allowing proper upstream and downstream flow.

If location and replacement instructions are not available, turn to your HVAC professionals for help.

Keep Your Outdoor Units Free of Debris

You should also regularly check that your outdoor units – AC condenser and heat pump – have unimpeded airflow.

You can keep them clean with your hose and then rake the area around the units, clearing away leaves, twigs, stones and other debris.

You should also trim back branches and foliage, so you have a three-foot air moat around the unit.

Inside your house, keep the supply and return registers free of blockage, moving curtains, furniture, kids’ toys and other objects as needed.

Turn to the Professionals for Yearly Tune-ups

At least once a year, you should arrange that your HVAC specialist work “under the hood” of the system to look after more complex maintenance.

Reasonable maintenance plans and discount coupons are often available – which more than pay for themselves when they prevent costly repairs.

The specialists will:

  • check your HVAC’s CO levels
  • lubricate moving parts
  • tighten electrical connections
  • check for gas leaks
  • inspect the compressor and tubing for damage
  • change the battery of the carbon monoxide detector if needed
  • ensure that the system operate according to manufacturer’s specifications

Call your licensed HVAC specialists today, to ensure that your system is operating smoothly and there when you need it.