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Water leaks are one of the most destructive home maintenance issues you can face. Plumbing failures can not only leave you without water for cooking and cleaning, but they can also cause catastrophic damage to your home. This leads to repair bills far beyond the pipes themselves.

So a great question to ask is, “how do I prevent plumbing leaks?” After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are some simple things you can do to invest in the long-term durability of your pipes.

Go Easy on Your Pipes

Many homes have unfinished basements where pipes run overhead. They can look an awful lot like a clothing rod or a tool rack to some people, so lots of people use them for these purposes. Never hang anything on your pipes! The soldered joints can slowly pull apart from the excess weight, creating a destructive leak. Come up with a different plan for hanging clothes, tools, and toys.

Watch For Problems

Big leaks typically start out as little leaks. Be sure to investigate any wet places, strange sounds, unexplained high water bills, or other early signs of a leak. Avoid the temptation to ignore it–you’ll get by a whole lot cheaper if you get it fixed before it breaks loose completely! And while you’re at it, try to move sensitive items away from service spaces or other areas where leaks may occur. It won’t prevent a leak, but it will reduce the damage if one happens.

Use a Quality Contractor

The durability of your plumbing is only as good as the workmanship behind it. Lots of people know how to install pipes, but only the best will do it in a way that won’t allow leaks to develop down the road. Harris PHAP has been serving the area for over 30 years. Whether it’s new construction, renovation, or repair, we’ll get the job done right. Leaks will be a thing of the past.

At Harris PHAP, we are always ready to help. If you have a plumbing leak in your home or if you’re just concerned about something that doesn’t look right, give us a call. We’ll put our experience and knowledge to work getting to the bottom of your plumbing issues before they turn into messy, destructive leaks.